Webshop.de is a brand of Shop Unlimited FZ (or to be named Shop Unlimited), by using the services of Webshop.de you agree upon the privacy policy by Shop Unlimited.

Once you and the online shop agree on a purchase viaWebshop.de, you will be kept responsible as the shop will process and register your personal data. Kindly consult the privacy policy of the online shop to find out more about the protection and handling of your personal data.

Type of personal data

When Webshop.de is used, the user’s IP address is automatically registered. The IP address is temporarily stored in a log file. Besides, your use of Webshop.de (for instance surfing behaviour or clicking behaviour) is anonymously monitored.

Purposes of the use

Shop Unlimited uses these automatically generated (personal) data for the following purposes:
i) Research into the use of Webshop.de: Shop Unlimited uses the data in connection with the use of Webshop.de for research. The purpose of this is to improve the ease of use and the services of Webshop.de and to obtain insight into the market. Whenever possible Shop Unlimited uses anonymous and/or aggregate data that cannot be traced back to the individual visitor.
ii) Personalization: Shop Unlimited also uses the data in connection with the use of Webshop.de to map your interests. In combination with data that you supply on Webshop.de and data obtained via your Webshop.de account and/or other sources Shop Unlimited can use these data to build up a personal profile. On the basis of these data the content on Webshop.de may be optimized and personalized so that it links up better with your interests. Besides more specific advertisements can be shown on Webshop.de or on other websites. By making use of Webshop.de you give permission for the purpose, in so far as necessary.
iii) Security of Webshop.de: IP addresses are used to be able to detect and combat wrongful use of Webshop.de. An example of wrongful use is spidering (crawling through) Webshop.de, as a result which other visitors suffer nuisance.

Control of your personal data

You are entitled to inspect or modify the personal data that you have entered via your account. That can be done via the settings of your Webshop.de account. When it concerns inspection of personal data linked to a cookie, you are to send along a copy of the relevant cookie. Shop Unlimited reserves the right to charge the consideration per application permitted by law for this. You also have the possibility of requesting us in writing or by email to remove your personal data entirely. We shall process such a request as soon as possible. Shop Unlimited does not keep personal data any longer than permitted by law and removes personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes described above.

Browser settings and Cookies

A cookie is a small bit of text that is sent to your browser by a website that you visit. This cookie helps the site remember information about your visit such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you. Cookies play an important part. Without cookies the use of the Internet would be much more cumbersome and frustrating.

We use cookies for many purposes. We use them for instance to make the advertisements that you see more relevant to you, to count how many visitors we receive on a page, or for instance to protect your data.

If you do not want Webshop.de to place or read cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings so that:
i) You receive a warning before cookies are placed; or
ii) All cookies or only the cookies of third parties are refused. You may also use your browser to remove your cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you must adjust the settings separately for every browser and computer that you use.

Please be aware that if you do not want cookies, we cannot guarantee anymore that Webshop.de will work perfectly. It may be true that some functions of the site are lost or even that you will not be able to see Webshop.de at all. The method of adjusting your settings differs per browser. Consult the help function of your browser if necessary.


We shall have to modify these statements now and then, for instance because the site of Webshop.de or the legislation or regulations surrounding cookies change. We are allowed to change the contents of the statements and the cookies that are included in the lists at any time and without prior notice. We therefore advise you to consult this page regularly for the latest version. Should you have any further questions and/or remarks please contact:

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